Music for Old Style Step Dancing - Mark's CD is available to order here

"visionary and inspirational"

Mary Fox, All Set, Magheralin, N Ireland

"a useful and pleasing recording for step dancers at every level"

Kieran Jordan, Boston, Massachusetts

"Mark's solo fiddle is perfect accompaniment, allowing the dancer to bring out the rhythm of the tune"

Joe McGuiggan, All Ireland Traditional Step Dance Champion 1991, Old Style Step Dance Teacher & Performer, Derry, N Ireland

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TRAD Magazine interview with Mark - issue No 166 March / April 2016

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Selection of Testimonials

Over the past few years Mark has played as a musician for some of the events held by eMade at a castle near Hereford. His music as a soloist and in collaboration with Mike Gulston in the duo called “ Deux Sans Frontieres” has always been presented professionally to a very high standard. Mark really brings alive the music he plays which is essential in order to animate the dancers he is playing for. His music workshops for violin have always been well attended and enjoyed by the participants.

I only ever book artists who I know can contribute to a very high standard and who are also friendly and amenable. These, in my opinion, are fundamental qualities for anyone who wishes to communicate through their music to others.

John Leopold – Company Secretary, eMade Festivals

Mark has been a founding and regular music teacher in our monthly Pentreffest French folk dance evenings. He is a popular draw for musicians, as his wealth of musical knowledge, coupled with his easy-going delivery, makes the sessions fun, challenging but non-threatening to the less confident. More recently he has supported a new teacher, sharing sessions and passing on tips to improve confidence.

In addition, Mark often plays for dancing during the evening. His fiddle music is high-energy, and just makes people want to dance, way into the late evening. 

Karen F. Pierce - Pentreffest Secretary

Mark was instrumental in setting up a local band in Llantwit Major, about 6 years ago. It started out as an evening class, run by Mark, along with Steve Hyde. Their goal was to create a town band culture, where a group of locals, of varying musical competence could get together, hone their skills, improve confidence and enjoy playing folk music together.

The instruction that Mark gave was a huge part of the band’s success, and he always taught in a focused, but gentle way, so that you gained something from his input, wherever you were on your musical journey.

4 years on, the band is stronger than it has ever been, and now gets regular ceilidh gigs, which a number of the current 16 members attend. Mark still returns periodically to check our progress, and to give friendly advice where it is needed. He should be commended, along with Steve, for having created a culture of local folk music in Llantwit Major, which has benefited the local musicians, and also the town, as the band often play in local schools or community events.

Jenny Pope - Band Member, Thingumijigs